Saturday, February 28, 2009

Auditory Radiations - Design or Ordain

Speaking to the disaffected youth of the 21st century is no easy task, but "Design or Ordain", the latest album from post-punk stalwart Auditory Radiations performs the task with aplomb. Using only digitally manipulated sounds collected from the busy streets of Tokyo, New York and London, the group has created an anthemic masterpiece railing against capitalism, religion, and singer/songwriters. Expect to hear "Rise and Fall of the Monied Class" on college radio stations soon.

Jane Root - Finally I Feel Grown

Jane Root makes people understand each other better. The daughter of a psychologist and a world-renowned concert pianist, she has the capability to not only speak to your mind, but also your soul. After spending the last two years touring with her quartet, Our Mind's Eye, the 19-year-old phenom returns to the studio to offer her compositions about life, love and maturation. Wise beyond her years, this album is sure to please all classically inclined listeners.

Squeegee - Go Eat a Sandwich

Squeegee has been a part of the New Orleans music scene for a long time now. Their Cajun-infused brand of ska has had critics salivating since 2002. The boys have finally got their act together and managed to throw down eleven skin-blistering tracks of pure irreverence. Notables include "The Midget Made Me Do It" and "Carnivale (Booze, Ladies, Booze)". Out soon from Sony Records.

Jose Ben Amin - Worthiness is a Birthright

Jose Ben Amin has been producing uplifting Jewish spiritual music for the past 27 years. His distinct, soothing baritone glides seamlessly over sparse string arrangements, stirring emotions nearly strong enough to harken the Messiah forth. Notable tracks include "YHWH Is The Way" and "Torah! Torah! Torah!" Pick up your copy before sundown on Wednesday, April 8th.